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Welcome to the 5 Clair's Series

Hello! Welcome to my series on the 5 Clair's. If you are beginning your walk along your spiritual path or you are quite a way down your path, this series can help you to understand the basis of your spiritual gifts.

I am looking forward to walking with you through this journey.

We will be looking at how these abilities can present within your everyday life and more. My hope is that as you begin to understand more about these abilities you will have sense of self empowerment, groundedness and strength.

Many who walk a spiritual path will find these abilities naturally begin to surface within themselves. You may be in this space now. It is wonderful to feel connected with spirit and to be about to nourish these abilities within yourself. You will find yourself becoming a sensitive - you will have a new awareness of the energy, people and situations around you.

Others of you will have had your spiritual gifts since you were very young. It is very likely that you are an empath and have had a very spiritual way of viewing the world around you. You may have chosen to be alone often as big crowds of people where overwhelming or draining. You may have been able to shut down parts of your abilities or you may have been lucky to have had an understanding parent who was able to guide you or listen to you. You are usually the people who I hear say - "gift?! its a curse" and yes it can very much feel that way. As an empathic child myself, I truly understand. I can also assure you that as you grow in your power and knowledge you will gain control and balance. These gifts will feel like your friends and you will wonder how you could have ever not wanted them.

The 5 Clair's are known as:

Clairvoyance (Clear seeing) - this is the ability that most people think about when they think of spirituality. They think of reading cards and seeing the future. We will look at how there is much more to this ability and how you can recognize when you are seeing things that are spiritual in nature.

Clairaudience (Clear hearing) - you may have found your ears are ringing of late. You are very likely sensitive to sounds and find yourself reacting to different types of music or certain pitches of sound.

Clairsentience (Clear feeling) - this is the ability that will leave most empaths and sensitives feeling like that want to go live off grid away from society as they can feel everything so deeply. We will look at how you can work with this ability so that you are not overwhelmed and recognize how this gift can be of benefit on your path.

Claircognizance (Clear knowing) - you are not sure how you know, but you just known with certainty.

Clairguscience (Clear smelling and tasting) - you could of sworn you smelt grandma's perfume or grandads cigar .... you very likely did.

You will have all 5 abilities but have 1 or 2 that will feel more natural for you to use. Many times, however it is likely that you are using a combination or all 4 to 5 Clair's in any given situation, you just are not necessarily aware that you are.

As you walking your spiritual path you will likely find that as your knowledge grows so do your gifts.

Through this series, I would advice you to work with or focus on the gift that you feel resonates with you the most. Learn about it, nurture it, allow it to grow and allow yourself to feel comfortable and safe with the process.

Focusing on more than one can leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained, which is certainly not what you will be aiming to feel.

Much Love & Blessings

Karlee x

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