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The 5 Clair's Series - Clairguscience

Clairguscience is clear smelling and tasting

This gift works by allowing you to have a sense of smell or taste that can be related to a person that may have passed over or it may relate to those around you in the physical world. It is one of the gifts that seems to appear less for empaths and those walking a spiritual path.

How can Clairguscience appear in your everyday life?

  • You can smell Grandma's perfume or Grandads cigars, or a smell that relates to your passed loved one when they are close to you in spirit

  • You may taste or smell how a person passed away. eg If they where in a car accident and there was the smell of petrol. You may taste possible medications they where taking or taste/feel nausea if they experienced it a lot.

  • You may find you can smell certain illnesses

  • You may experience certain tastes that relate to an illness, medication, food or situation.

  • You have an acute sense of smell or taste.

Ways in which you can deepen your gift of clairguscience

This is one of the spiritual gifts that most empaths and those on a spiritual journey would rather not develop as it can be quite overwhelming and not always very pleasant.

What I would suggest is become more aware of what different smells and tastes indicate, so you have an understanding of what is trying to be told or shown to you. You may find that using essential oils and incense sticks maybe helpful.

You can tell spirit to not communicate with you in this way if you find it uncomfortable.

You may find regular spiritual practices such as cleansing your energy and using energetic protections can be helpful.

I hope this has given you some understanding about why you may smell or taste things a little differently.

I will be running a live event on Facebook from the 25th of July to 28th July @ 7pm till 8pm. I would love to connect with you, support and guide where I can and hold space for you to be able to share your story and experiences.

You can follow the link and sign up here:

Monday 25th July - Clairvoyance We will expand on what is in this article along with how you can look after your 3rd eye. Tuesday 26th July - Clairaudience We will look at how this is a spiritual gift, how you can nurture and grow it along with looking after your ear chakra's Wednesday 27th July - Claircognizance & Clairguscience We will look at how to grow and nurture, along with plant medicines for your nervous system to help support your gifts Thursday 28th July - Clairsentience We will look at how you can embrace your sense of clear feeling along with learning about protection and boundaries.

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