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Carnelian - The Vitality Stone

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Carnelian is the crystal of vitality!

It is a wonderful crystal to carry with you when you feel you need a little more energy, motivation and creativity in your day.

Carnelian comes in a range of red, orange, pink and brown colours. Orange is the most common colour that is used. This crystal is very common and easy to find.

In ancient times, carnelian was thought to protect the dead on their journey into the afterlife, so was put with those when they had passed to aid their journey.

Carnelian is linked to the astrological signs of Leo, Taurus and Cancer.

When working with your base and sacral chakras, carnelian is a helpful stone. It has the properties of being grounding and anchoring you into your present reality which are needed for a balanced base chakra. Carnelian has an affinity for the female reproductive organs which are aligned with the sacral chakra.

You can place Carnelian over you sacral chakra for a few minutes and you may find it will give you an energy boost. You may find you have an increase in your creativity.

You will find Carnelian in the form of a necklace or amulet as it brings protection and good fortune with its ability to energize. A necklace worn each day may help with inspiring success and abundance in your life. Carnelian can ground you into your present - which if you are a bit of a daydreamer, you may find it helpful to unite you with everyday reality. It will help you with connection your intuition and your logic. Carnelian can help to regulate your emotions - particularly those of anger and resentment.

Keep a piece of carnelian in your car to help with regulating your emotions if you suffer with road rage. Place a piece of carnelian at your front door to draw in abundance.

Carnelian is a beautiful stone, I would love to hear how it has worked for you. Come and join us at Beautiful Souls where we discuss all things crystal and spiritual x

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