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Spiritual & Energetic Detoxing

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The New Year is the perfect time to look at a spiritual and energetic detox!

Your energetic body is part of your physical body and what you store within your energetic body can come through down into your physical body and present as physical symptoms or aliments.

Your energetic body is the energy field that is around your physical body. It is the part of you that picks up and helps in the processing of the energies around you.

The energetic body can easily become clogged and overwhelmed.

As an empath or energy sensitive person, it is an important part of your spiritual practice to look after the health of your energetic body to ensure that you are getting a clear read on the energy around you. If you are trying to do your spiritual work with a clogged and overwhelmed energetic body you may experience some of the following:

  • Changes to your nervous system - as this is connected with your energetic body to help with the processing of the energy around you. This can include:

    • Headaches

    • Anxiety or feeling wired

    • Low Mood

    • Poor concentration & memory

    • Changes in appetite

    • Changes in sleep

  • You can have trouble feeling grounded

  • You may experience physical aches and pains as well as low energy levels

  • Feel overwhelmed around people and would rather spend time on your own

  • Getting bombarded with the energy of people including pictures, feelings, physical ailments, visions and not feeling that you can control these.

  • You may just feel downright confused!

  • Additionally, you may notice that you are working on your manifestations - and they just aren't quite happening. Your energetic alignment can be affected by having a clogged energetic body.

You can start your energetic and spiritual detox by looking at some of the following:

Your Home

Your home is your sacred space. It is where you go to heal and recuperate from the world. Remove clutter and any items you are no longer using. Remove anything that is broken or not working. Clean windows, curtains and surfaces. Make sure you feel happy and at peace with your surroundings.

Cleanse any of your crystals and use incense, smudge stick or a cleansing spray to clear away stagnant energy in your home. You absorb the energy around you so having clear energy in your home helps to keep your energy body clear.

As part of your spiritual clean in your home, you may like to create a space where you meditate or journal. If you have this area in your home already you may like to clean it up or reorganize it to bring in new energy.

What you listen to, what you watch & what you read

This can have quite an impact on how you feel and what you absorb into your energy body. If you are watching low vibrational programs, listening to harsh vibrational music or reading harsh words this can affect you. As part of your detox you may like to begin to be aware of what you are watching, reading and listening to and begin to choose other types of music, programs & books.

Your People

The people you choose to be around can have a large impact on your energetic body. Take note of how your circle of people make you feel.

Are you supported? Are you loved and nurtured?

Are you heard? Are you uplifted?


Do you feel drained?

Do you feel used?

Are you making all of the effort?

Do you feel heavy, clogged and blah?

Choose your people wisely.

We also need to be aware that sometimes we are the problem. So be mindful of how you are interacting with others, how you speak to them, that you are not draining them and that the energy that we put out is very often the energy that we get back.

Time out in Nature

Do you spend enough time out in nature? This something that empaths and energy sensitives need. The vibrations are clear and it is much easier for you to connect to spirit. If you are exercising out in nature, the increase in oxygen makes it much easier for your angels to connect and communicate with you. This can be why you have some of your best ideas out in nature. Time outside keeps your vibration high. As part of your detox - take note of how much time you are spending in nature. Do you need to increase your time?


Others may not agree with me on this but I have found not only for myself but for the beautiful souls I have worked with that increased sleep, quality sleep enough and deep sleep really does help to keep you energetically and spiritually clear.

Additionally, you can connect with the angels and with spirit - they can take you journeying. You may also find that taking note of your dreams can help you to work through some of the things that are sitting within your energetic field.

Assess your boundaries

What are you prepared to allow into your life this year?

Are there situations that you have had come up in the previous year that you have thought - "I am really not ok with this" but have still allowed to happen?

Are there boundaries that you have been working to implement but they could do with a bit of tightening up?

Realizing where you need a boundaries and implementing them isn't always easy, so choose one and when you have that in place firmly then you can choose another one if it is needed.

A boundary ultimately helps you to stay safe and whole. It should never be used to manipulate someone else to get what you want, or to allow others to do this to you.

Social Media

Spending time on social media platforms can be a huge drain on your energy. It does come under being mindful of what you watch and listen too, but it also includes messenger conversations.

With each person you are talking to you can have an energetic link. This can cause to feel very drained if you are not aware of it.

When looking at screens it increases activation of your third eye. Which sounds great but it can leave this chakra overactive and way to open. This can lead to headaches, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, energetic overwhelm and more.

So as part of your detox you may like to reduce some of your screen time and when you are on there make it purposeful.

Calling your energy back to you

Detoxing usually calls for you to remove or release those things which no longer serve you, so it might seem strange that I am suggesting calls your energy back to you.

There is good reason for this though.

You are at your strongest when you are whole.

Many times we dont even realize that we have given away little pieces of ourselves, and their place we have got other peoples energy. This can happen most often with the people that we are closest with. Having other peoples energy bits can influence how we feel and many times we are not even aware that we have them.

This is particularly important if you have cut chords with an ex partner or friend but you haven't sent their energy home to them and called yours back to you.

Returning their pieces and calling yours home to you does not mean you no longer have a connection with that person if you dont wish too. We have energetic chords that connect us to our tribe, our people. So it doesn't mean you wont have the love of your children, parents or partner.

I have put together a guided meditation that I hope you find helpful.

I hope you now have an understanding of how you can feel when you need an energetic detox or cleanse and how you can begin to do this for yourself in your everyday life.

I would love to hear about your experiences or support you with your growth.

Join Beautiful Souls and we can talk about how you going along your journey x

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