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The Shower Cleanse

Have you heard of doing a shower cleanse before?

It is a wonderful way that you are able to look after your energy and to be able to check in and connect with yourself.

The more often you use the cleanse the quicker and easier it will become for you.

When you are in the shower, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Bring your attention to your crown chakra. This is located the top of the head centered in the middle. You may see it as a ball of light or you may see it similar to a lotus flower. Envision this opening and see the purest white light and love come down through your

crown chakra.

See it washing over all of the areas of your body.

At the base of your feet envision violet flames.

As the white light is moving through your body you may see areas of gray, black, yellow or red colors washing away. These can fall down into the violet flames at your feet.

These areas of color can be where there is stagnant energy that you have moved or released, it can be energy that you have picked up in your travels throughout the week that is not yours and you do not need to hang on to it. You will intuitively know what yours is relating to.

Allow the white light and love cleanse and clear all areas of your body.

Once you feel that you have cleansed away all of the debris envision the white light and love fill up all of your body, all the way to the top of your crown chakra.

You can now close down your crown chakra - not completely but enough that you will not be to open.

You can continue on with your shower!

You may prefer to do this at the end of your shower instead of the beginning, each person will be different in what feels right for them.

You may or may not like to call in your guides or your angels to help you. But they can be very helpful and supportive when you are learning and if you have had a particularly rough week.

Much Love


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