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Your Journey to Inner Connection & how Reiki and Shadow Work can help

You have begun your journey to inner connection and self love.

You have been journaling, using mantras, reading, working with crystals and more but you find that you are meeting resistance to your efforts and you are not sure how to move forward.

This is where Reiki healing and Shadow work can help to support your continued growth.

Reiki healing can work on many different levels to help with self love and inner connection. A reiki session will you to relax very deeply. This in turn allows you to relax and feel comfortable in your body. As you are calm, so is your mind so it is much easier to hear your intuitive guidance.

Reiki energy is an intelligent life force energy and it will go to the places in the body and within the energy field where it is needed. Alignment, balance and healing are ways in which it can work for you. It will stay with your for at least 2-3 weeks after your healing session, so during that time you can find that inner connection deepens. You may find you are divinely guided or inspired during this time which will help you with resistance that you may have felt.

When I am in a reiki session, I will be able to see or feel where there are energetic blockages, attachments and trauma's. I will work to release, shift and remove what I can - I have found that these come through in layers so that you are ready to let go or to deal with them when you are ready. I can feel when chakra's are over or under functioning and help to bring balance to them. When connecting more with your inner self your heart chakra and solar plexus can need some nurturing or bringing into balance as this is where you carry much about your self worth and self love. It can also be where you carry your hurts and thoughts around what you deserve.

Reiki will bring love and light to these areas.

I will remove energetic debris so that you will feel lighter and process what you pick up is much clearer. With all of my reiki session I make sure I include grounding which is really helpful if you are struggling with feeling Ok in your own body.

So reiki can help you as you work through the layers to inner connection, self love and help you to bring light to the shadow parts of yourself.

Shadow work is important to your growth and journey. It is about being able to uncover the unconscious parts of yourself that have been repressed or hidden very likely because you have felt that you needed to for survival or because you were told that these parts weren't ok or these are parts of yourself you have felt you didn't like or want so you have squirreled them away.

There will be a lot of it that you will do on your own, through journaling or through how you turn up each day - your actions and how you interact with others.

What I have noticed over the years is that Shadow work is in a spiral shape. You do the initial work - thinking this is it, it is all done. As you grow and your awareness increases you will come back round to this part of yourself again. Initially this can be confusing as you thought you had dealt with this part. But you are being given the opportunity to dive more deeply into this part with an increased level of aware, spiritual tools and love.

You may find that you are able to work through that initial spiral yourself with books you have read that have helpful information and with your crystals and other great tools.

Depending on the depth and trauma of what you are delving into, you may find a qualified psychologist or counselor could be of great benefit.

You may find that with further spirals you find the depth uncomfortable or you are struggling to find the parts of yourself that need the work. Alternatively, you may have found it but you are experiencing resistance so are finding it hard to process.

Resistance is usually created when your inner child is trying to protect you. The skills you learnt as a child to look after yourself can feel sacred with new change asie this may lead to situations where you are not protected leading to being unsafe. Your inner child most definitely wants you to feel safe so you meet resistance in varying different forms.

You may find you work through this resistance by talking with your inner child. Asking them what it is that they are feeling.

This can include:

  • anger

  • abandonment

  • fear

  • anxiety

  • rejected

  • unmet needs

  • guilt or shame

When you know what it is they are feeling it can make it easier for you to work with them. You are likely able to pinpoint at a time where you felt these things when you were young. How was it dealt with then and how would you deal with that now as an adult?

As an adult you are now able to provide you are now able to provide them with the safety and security they may not have had, allowing them to feel safe.

This feeling of safety can help to release the resistance allowing you to move forward and deepening your inner connection.

You can also meet resistance from experience you have had as an adult but have yet to

deal with. These experiences may have influences thoughts that you regularly have that effect your everyday experiences and manifestations.

A classic example is when a women has been in relationship with a man that has not treated her well. She is hurting and in that hurt she decides that all men are a#@eholes.

Her experience with men from here will likely be that men are this as it is her key thought about them based of this relationship that she has had. She will likely feel lonely as she cannot find a good emotional connection with a man which further strengthens her belief.

This example can also apply to men where a women has hurt them deeply.

When you do the shadow work you can look at this scenario much differently.

What can you learn from this relationship? What was it here to teach you?

What are the things that you can improve within yourself?

How well defined are your boundaries?

Do you now have a better idea of what you would like in your next relationship - what are things you will compromise on and what are things that are an absolute no?

Resistance can be that you are not open to looking more deeply because it feels painful or you feel justified and right.

Often times, there are parallels with our childhood/inner child experiences and those that we have as adults. So asking yourself why you feel the way you do can be helpful in removing the resistance and allowing you to connect more deeply with your inner self.

Very often, when you are going through your Spiritual Awakening and you are at the stage of purging or the dark night of your soul it can feel almost as though you are dying and to a degree you are. It is the parts of you that no longer serve you and your purpose that are being removed during this stage and it is through embarking on your shadow work that you will do this process.

What you do have to look forward to in the next stage (the void) is rest and repair as the purge can be quite an active stage. Some people can experience both of these stages simultaneously over the space of 6 to 12 months or more.

Throughout this process you may find that a spiritual coach could be really helpful. They will be able to fast track the process, help you get to the core of the things that you will be wanting to deal with. They will be able to give you tools and techniques that will make the process easier and you will be able to use these throughout your journey.

The journey to connect with your inner self and cultivate that sacred relationship is one that you will forever be doing in this lifetime but the choosing yourself each day get easier the further down the path you are. Reiki and shadow work can be key components along journey alongside other modalities.

White Light & Love

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