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Distant Healing - How does it work?

Each Reiki Healer works different and I would like to be transparent and explain to you how I work when I am doing a distant reiki healing, as many people have asked me how it works if they are not actually there to receive the healing.

Half an hour, prior to your healing session I will prepare the space that I will be working in alongside you. I will have connected with my spiritual team and begun preparing for your healing with using reiki symbols that act like a bridge for distant healing. During this time I am guided to choose a crystal card that is specific for you and the healing that you are currently needing.

I am currently doing all healings via zoom. This is a free and safe option for online consultations and healings. When you make your booking you receive an email that has your zoom link. As long as you have signed up for an account you are able to click on the link at the designated time for you healing and I will be there waiting for you.

You will need a comfy place to be able to sit or lie down where you will not be disturbed for the length of your healing.

Once you are comfy I guide you to a place of relaxation.

From here I begin the healing as I would if you where on the table in my clinic - I link into your energy and auric field (I only do this with your permission). I will call in your spiritual team and my own and begin the healing. I am still able to see and work on your energy field as the distant does not affect my ability to do this. You can term this clear seeing and clear feelings (clairvoyance and clairsentience)

As the end of your session I will guide you back into your body and allow you to end the energy of your healing. I will email through any information that I received around your health and wellbeing or from spirit for you.

Reiki has many benefits including relaxation - you are able to engage in your para sympathetic nervous system with deep breathing. It also enables me to clear away any energetic residue that you may have picked up along your travels. This can allow you to feel much lighter after your healing.

Throughout our life time we all have experiences that have caused us hurts and traumas. Many times these stay within the physical and energetic fields. I am able to work on these areas to help with releasing and healing on an energetic level. Depending on the depth of healing required you may need several healing sessions.

For those of you that are energy sensitive, energy healing is very important. If your outside energy is clogged then it can be difficult for you to get a clear read on what you are picking up on. This can leave you feeling very ungrounded and anxious to say the least and likely make you want to stay away from people in general. You absolutely dont need to live like this. Regular energy cleansing and reiki healings can help to keep you clear and feeling light and energized.

Reiki does help your body to tap into its natural healing abilities. This can be linked to the body's ability to be able to move into the para sympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The PSNS is what allows the body to rest and digest and heal. When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is dominant -this is our body's fight or flight response. It is ok to be in SNS sometimes but we do need to make time to be in our PSNS so that we an rest and heal. Reiki can help you to remember what that feels like.

Namaste x

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