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Welcoming in the New Year

The beginning of each New Year carries the energy of promise, a fresh start and beautiful new experiences.

I really love that it has become normal to welcome in the new year through a blend of rituals that you can tailor to what feels right for you. These rituals will set you up for your year ahead and help you to feel focused on what you are manifesting and creating for yourself.

Traditionally, I have done yearly tarot spread. I have done this for personal and business so that I have an idea of what is to come for the year. I would start a new tarot journal for that year, where I would continue to keep any other readings that I had done. I would make sure I would write down any bits of information or feelings I had with the card meanings and reflect back each month. Writing down any readings that you do is a practice that I really recommend. Many times the cards have given us the answers we seek, we just may have missed it as it wasn't what we were looking for at that time. If you are also asking the same questions many times your cards can begin to give you a bit of sass as well. Keeping a track will help to continue accuracy of your readings.

This year, however I have decided that I am an amazing manifester and will create the experiences that I would like to have, although I will continue my tarot journal but will only do readings if and when I feel I need them through out the year for guidance.

Clarity is key for manifesting your goals and dreams. Journaling and creating a vision board for the year can be great ways to gain this clarity.

I have always journaled as I have found it has helped me to order my thoughts. I have always brainstormed or used mind maps to help me when I was putting out ideas I had, so that I could decide on what I wanted to run with and what I might put aside. From these ideas you can expand and break down into achievable steps. You may also like to break up the areas of your life that you are wanting to work on. Such as Work or Business, Home, Health, Spiritual Practice.

Recently, I have come across bullet journaling. It is a customizable system that you can use to track your goals and help to bring organization and clarity to your week, month and year. I really liked that it helped to bring order to how you can journal. You can have your year at a glance, your month at a glance and your month is broken down so that you can track and organize your personal life as well as work or other areas. Ultimately, you can make it to suit you and it can be as simple or creative as you would like. Personally I have found I like the simple and chic look as it is easy to replicate each month and which helps with compliance with goals. There are some wonderful you tube clips that will give you some guidance if this is of interest to you.

Creating a vision board for the year is a wonderful way to help remind you of where you are going and what you are wanting to achieve. You can use pictures and drawings to depict the year or you can write out key goals. You can have fun and make this as colorful or chic as you like.

At the end of the year, beginning of a new year you may also like to say goodbye to the year that has been, reflect on the challenges you experienced and being thankful for the lessons you have learnt. You can reflect on what worked for you in the previous year and what did not - allowing you to decided what beliefs and patterns you would like to take with you into the new year and what you will be leaving behind. This process can also help you decide what new beliefs and patterns you would like to cultivate in the new year.

Manifesting requires us to be in alignment with what it is we are wanting to bring into our lives. This requires that we are aware of our thoughts but also our emotions as it is our thoughts and emotions that act like the radio frequency to the universe, telling it what we want. This is important to remember when we are setting out our intentions for the year.

At the end of 2021, we had a beautiful and powerful full moon. If you cleansed your crystals during this time you can program them now so that they can help you with your goals. You may place them in a special area in your home dedicated to your spiritual practice or throughout your home where you feel they are needed, or you may like to carry them with you.

Bringing light into the new year, this can be symbolically done with candles. You can choose a candle colour that goes with what you are want to manifest, such as:

  • Yellow to bring in new life and joy. It can be used to help with self empowerment and knowing your own worth.

  • Orange is a colour of creativity and passion. It can be helpful when needing inspiration for a new project.

  • Green is the colour associated with money and abundance. It is also a very earthy and grounding colour.

  • Blue is calming and can be used for peace and protection.

  • Red is the colour to use if you are wanting to add some spice to your romantic relationships. It is also a colour of passion and drive, which you may find helpful if you are working on a current project.

  • Pink is the color of love and self care. You can use this colour to aid in your self care rituals or if you are wanting to add some love energy into your home.

  • Purple can help with increasing your intuition and spiritual growth.

  • Black can be used for protection

  • White is universal and can be used for purifying or as a replacement for another colored candle.

You can engrave rune symbols or other symbols that have meaning to you on the candle. You may like to melt the wax slightly and add crystals as well.

I hope that you also have other wonderful rituals that you do around the new year. They maybe practical such as spring cleaning (you may also like to sage and use the singing bowl or a space clearing spray) to allow good energy for the year, it may be a family dinner or drinks with friends. What ever you do, I hope it has a joyous and uplifting effect on the beginning of your new year.

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