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Updated: May 16, 2021

Grounding has been a word that has been thrown around for awhile now. With good reason. Grounding can help you to be centered into your body, allowing you more focus and concentration through out your day. Grounding can support calmness and clarity of thought, helping to support your drive and passion to reach your goals.

Grounding can help you to be aware of your body and what it is currently needing. It can aid us in being aware of our own energy system and knowing when things are out of balance.

This all sounds wonderful you say but how can I achieve this?

Over the years I have found many different ways that have worked, depending on what I might be doing throughout my day. I have worked with clients who have also benefited from many of these techniques.

  1. Spending time out in nature. This can be time out in your garden getting your hands in the dirt or going for a walk through the bush. If you are able to take your shoes off and place your feet on the grass - this can help you to feel grounded.

  2. Spending time at the beach. Water can have a cleansing and grounding effect. So time at the beach, walking along the beach, fishing, sailing all can have a cleansing and ground effect.

  3. Exercise. It can be incorporated into your everyday routine and does not need to be strenuous. Walking during the warmer months is wonderful, you get to be outside breathing in the fresh air while you are able to feel your self settle into and become aware of your body. Yoga can act as the active minds meditation. It allows you to stretch and with many of the poses you are very aware of your body, especially if they are muscles you haven't used in awhile! Making use of your local gym can be a good option for many people. On a more spiritual note - when we exercise it allows increased oxygen. This makes it much easier for your guides and angels to speak with you. This can be why when you are exercising you can come up with some of your best ideas!

  4. Working with your Base Chakra. This is the chakra that grounds you to the earth and to your body. It is the chakra that is aligned with our feeling of safety and survival. If we do not feel that our needs are being meet in our daily life, this chakra can be slightly out of alignment and grounding can be difficult, especially if you feel that you are in a constant state of fight or flight which stress can trigger.

  5. Visualizations and meditations. You can do a quick visualization yourself, where you can sit comfortably call in your guides and angels for protection and white light. Allow yourself to breath deeply (helps increase relaxation), closing your eyes and seeing roots growing from your legs down into the earth, connecting deep with mother earth. You can also open your crown chakra (at the top of your head) and see beautiful white light coming through from source/spirit and filling you up. Once you are full you can close your crown chakra. Thank your guides and angels and enjoy your day. Initially this may take some time to learn but you can eventually get quite quick at it. I will pair doing this with lighting incense or candles.

You may also like to look up on YouTube for grounding exercises or meditations. These are all free and can be done either in the morning or evenings. Best not to do these while you are driving.

6. Many people will find using crystals throughout their day can help them to feel grounded. Crystals can either be worn as jewellery or you can carry the stones with you. The crystals can also be cleansed and programmed to help you to stay grounded throughout your day. Some crystals you may like to try can include:

Agate, Hematite, Black Obsidian, Onyx, Tigers Eye and Smokey Quartz.

During times of overwhelm and stress, times of not enough sleep, not being able to exercise or feeling unbalanced and over indulging in food or alcohol we can become ungrounded. Many times we can have more than one of these come up. As this can feel uncomfortable, we naturally can separate ourselves from our bodies to try and cope. This leaves our body without a driver! Practicing grounding when we are going through rough times can help us make good decisions to move through things quicker. It can help us assess the situation to see what we can change or move around so that we are safe and supported through out our day.

Additionally, trauma can be another reason that we can disassociate from our bodies. It is extremely painful to be present when it hurts. Healing these hurts, processing our emotions can help with moving through the pain and being able to find a way back to yourself.

For those that are empathetic or highly sensitive being grounded is important. You can feel everything on a level that others may not. Your nervous systems are wired as such that you are able to sense more than some other people can. Traumas you may have experienced and unprocessed emotions can be extremely painful, especially if you experienced these as a child. To cope with this, you may disassociate. As a Spiritual being having a human experience - we must be in our body's at the helm. Some of the most spiritual people are truly grounded in the world enjoying everything being human has to offer.

You may find that you need help to work through some of these hurts and trauma's, processing and helping to heal them so that you can come back into your body. Being able to support your physical and nervous system and your energetic field throughout this is going to help you cope better.

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience - We need to be present to enjoy the experience!

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