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Calm and Clear Essence - Australian Flower Bush Essences

Calm and Clear Essence - Australian Flower Bush Essences

The Calm and Clear Essence blend can help you mentally slow down and relax.

Many times we can be so busy that we dont know how to relax, unwind and enjoy some time away from work or family to indulgue in activities that bring us joy and help with getting our creativity flowing or just being able to quietly re-energize.

This blend will help you to make space for this time and to enjoy it. 


Negative Condition

  • Always over committed
  • No time for self
  • Impatience


Positive Outcome

  • Encourages own time and space
  • Wind down
  • Relax and have fun
  • Clarity
  • Calmness and peace



Black Susan, Boronia, Bottle Brush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Jacaranda, Little Flannel flower, Pawpaw



A vibrational infusion of the above flowers in purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system. 


DOSAGE: x7 drops under the tongue morning and evening



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