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Abund Essence - Australian Bush Flower Essences

Abund Essence - Australian Bush Flower Essences

Abun Essence is a blend you can you use when you are working on and through money blocks that you may have. 

By releasing money blocks that you may have, this can make manifesting abundance in your life much easier. 

Abund helps with releasing negative beliefs, family patterns, sabotage and poverty conciousness. 

This allows you to open to the energies of abundance in all forms in your life, including financial. 


Negative Condition:

  • Pessimistic
  • Closed to receiving
  • Poverty conciusness


Positive Outcome:

  • Joyful sharing
  • Belief in abundance 
  • Clears financial sabotage patterns
  • Universal trust 



Bluebell, Boab, Christmas Bell, Five Corners, Philotheca, Pink Flannel Flower, Southern Cross and Sunshine Wattle

DOSAGE: x7 drops in Morning and Evening

FORMULATION: Vibrational infusions of the above flowers, purified water, and brandy as a natural preservative system.


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