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Your 2023 Manifestations - are you clear on what you are creating?

Updated: Feb 11

I really love the energy of a New Year!

I love planning out the year ahead, setting goals and knowing where I am going and how I am going to get there.

It is also when there is a collective energy of clearing away that which no longer serves you to make way for all of the new and wonderful things you want for the year ahead.

So do you know what you are wanting to create for 2023?

Are you clear on your intentions?

Or do you align with the thoughts of nobody likes a sober, skinny b#@&h anyway, because you have found that new year's resolutions rarely work for you?

Our New Year goals are like goals that we set at any other time of the year, they can just seem a bit fancy cause we set them at the beginning of the year. They can be absolutely attainable and you can have a fantastic year ahead, with a lil hard work and planning.

With both my Sun and Moon Signs being that of air - I understand what it is to have a lot of thoughts that you need to organize! The universe must of realized I would need help with this as I was lucky to have my Mercury (the planet that rules how you communicate and how you mentally process information) in Virgo so I am very logical in sorting out all of the millions of thoughts. How does this help with goal making you ask?

Goal making is about being clear on what you are reaching for (so your thoughts and emotions) and through practical application bringing them to life. I have learnt over the years to put practical application to all of the millions of thoughts and these skills I can pass on to you.

Step One: Get clear on exactly what you want

Clarity makes it so much easier to create and manifest.

You may need to journal to get really clear on what it is that you want.

You may think you want something but actually when you dive a little deeper it may not be as important to you as you thought or you find it is definitely important to you and you are gonna make sure you do all you can to reach that goal.

You may like to have goals for:

  • your work & career,

  • your home & family,

  • for you personally and,

  • for your spiritual growth.

You are always free to revise your goal at a later date during the year.

From a spiritual perspective - The universe likes clarity. This is so that it can energetically align you to what you are creating.

Step Two: Reverse engineer your goal

This is the part of goal setting that many people miss!

This is the practical application. What do you need to do to achieve your goal?

You are not going to know what steps to take to reach your goal and achieve it if you have not thought about this part.

Depending on the type and size of your goal you may need to do a bit of research at this stage.

However most goals you will be able to work through this stage yourself. You need tangible steps that you are going to take to reach where you want to go.

Step Three: What are your obstacles?

Be realistic here. What obstacles do you see you may have in reaching your goal?

Journalling will be a good way to look at this. You may like to do a brain dump or a list of pros and cons or just write what comes to mind.

These can be your own thoughts and doubts or they may actually be tangible obstacles that you will have to work around.

If you know what these are you can find a work around or plan ahead for them so they don't derail you.

Step Four: Set a date

This helps our brain to know when we start. If we have no start date - we won't!

So set yourself a date when you are starting to move forward to your goal. You may also like to have an end date of when you feel you will reach your goal. Just make sure this is a realistic date.

Step Five: Alignment

This is the part of your goal that you may need to make sure you are aware of during the manifestation process.

When I talk about alignment it is your energetic alignment to that of what you are wanting to manifest, your goal.

Your energetic alignment is made of up of your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. Ideally all of these need to be aligned to what you are creating for it to manifest. If any of these are not quite in alignment it can affect how easily your manifestation can reach you.

So check your thoughts - are you telling yourself an outdated story where you are not worthy? You will need to shift this thought story - you are worthy. There are many other thoughts that can come up but this is a common example. Work with what comes up for you.

Check your emotions - do you feel aligned to your goal? Your emotions are an energy just like your thoughts. Do you feel yourself doing, being your goal?

Check your actions - are you doing daily inspired action to reach your goal? If not, it will make it much harder for you to reach your goal.

Step Five: Gratitude, positivity & happiness

Thank the Universe for all of the beautiful things you already have in your life. Thank the Universe for that which is coming to you. Thank it each and every day. You cannot expect the universe to provide you with more if you are not grateful for what you already have.

Being in a state of positivity and receptiveness to the world around you and choosing happiness will help to open doors and opportunities for you that will help you to reach your goals.

Good luck! I hope you find these helpful and will find setting out your 2023 much easier.

I would love to hear how you go!

Come over to Beautiful Souls and chat with us x

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