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Understanding Your Subtle Energy Systems

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

You will be very aware of your physical body and how it works. You will likely be aware of what it needs to work well. The foods it needs to eat, the number of hours it needs to sleep, the amount of exercise it needs each week. What you may not be so aware of is your body's subtle energy systems. These subtle energy bodies are what help us to navigate our physical worlds. It helps us to communicate and connect with people and to know when a situation is leaves you feeling comfortable or uncomfortable for no particular reason other than what you feel.

We are able to distinguish different types or levels of energy by the vibration that is emitted. Our physical body vibrates slowly and steadily, to our physical eyes it appears solid. Our subtle energy bodies are connected to our physical body via our chakra's that direct the energy into our physical body which is transported where it needs to go via our meridians.

The 7 Major Chakras and The Subtle Energetic Bodies

(also known as the Aura)

The Etheric Body

This is the closed to the physical body. It has a etheric body counterpart to everything that is within your physical body and is a vibrating web of beautiful energy which your energetic blueprint is created.

Its frequency is slightly higher than that of the physical body. It can be affected by shock, trauma, drug use as well as any unresolved issues that have filtered down through from the other energy bodies. Many times health issues will manifest within the etheric body before manifesting in the physical body.

When you have a Reiki healing session, this is where much of the energy healing work is done.

It is linked to the Base Chakra and will usually appear as a beautiful white colour for those that can see auras.

The Emotional Body

Your emotional body is about 3 inches from your physical body. This is the part of your aura that will change colours, dependent on how you are feeling. Your emotional body is unique to you. It has all of your emotional experiences and feelings, including those that my be unresolved from other lifetimes. These emotions and patterns are stored within our emotional body and will trigger us to have an emotional reaction or response to situations within our lives.

The emotional body has no recognition of time as we experience it on the physical plane. With all of our stored emotions and patterns, we can have a reaction to a situation that seems out of proportion or irrational with what is going on around us and it will be because our emotional body has unresolved trauma or hurts.

Unresolved problems in your emotional body may manifest in your physical life in different ways. These can appear in both romantic and platonic relationships, they may appear with at work with collogues. They may manifest as arguments or misunderstandings. You may feel anxious or suffer with depression regularly.

You can help to heal your emotional body by acknowledging that there are unresolved emotions. Emotional trauma's can run deep and if you are feeling overwhelmed it may be of benefit to you to have professional support while you process what you are going through. If they are emotional patterns that you have noticed that you have and you would like to shift them, sit with them, work with them, create a new belief to replace the old one. Journaling, Meditation, crystal work, music, time out in nature can all help you with processing and changing your emotions.

I have found personally that working on my spiritual growth and development has been the best way to work through many of my emotional patterns. I strived to be a better human so I therefore had to change many of my behaviors and shift how I reacted to different types of situations. I have found that emotions and how we process them have layers. You can only process a certain amount from your ability to understand at that point in time. As you grow you may have to revisit a certain emotion or belief a few times before it resolves.

The Emotional body is linked to the Sacral Chakra.

The auric field and chakra's

The Mental Body

The mental body is where we receive, store and transmit our thought patterns and mental processes.

Thoughts can extend beyond our mental body as energy and can help to create our reality (that which we physically experience). Our thoughts when linked with our emotions are very powerful tools in manifesting the realities and experiences that we would like. It is for this reason that it is important to be mindful of what we thinking about, that we dont dwell on the negative and to work with your emotions, clearing away hurts and that which no longer serves you.

The Mental body is linked to the solar plexus. It helps with information gathering, memory, using our imaginations along with all of our thoughts and mental processes. Yellow is often the colour associated to the mental body when someone is deep in thought. However, our thoughts and emotions are often closing tied together and as these both change so can the colours for the emotional body and the mental body.

If you are able to see auric field colours you may find that you will see two colours around a person depending on where they are at that day.

Kiliran photography is about to pick up auric field colours around a person and the photos taken can look quite amazing. Many times at the different spiritual fairs around NZ or you can google your local area, there are those that will have the equipment to take your photo if you are interested in your colours.

I have noticed that people do tend to have a base colour or that which they regularly return to. For myself my main colour is green. I have noted that healers tend to be very green in colour. For those who are very physic or work a lot with spirit, they can appear as purple. Teachers can be yellow. A clear red is usually linked with passion and drive. Someone's colours may change when they have gone through a trauma or deeply hurt and they are working through this. Those suffering with depression will have either dulled colours or greys. If you are very angry you may have a lot of murky red (that is personally how I see it, for others it may appear different).

If you have had interesting experiences I would love to hear about them! let us know below in the comments.

The Astral Body

The Astral body is bridge between the physical and spiritual realms and is linked to the heart chakra. The emotional and mental bodies are a lower frequency as they are experienced at the physical body level. The astral body connects us to the spiritual realms and is much lighter and higher in vibrations.

Our Heart chakra is an important emotional and energetic processing point. If we are able to keep our heart chakra open and balanced we are able to receive light energy, information and inspiration from our higher self, our soul self.

The astral body acts as a filter for past life information and any karmic patterns that we can bought with us to work through in this life time to come to our consciousness and awareness.

The Astral body is around 1 foot from the physical body. Our hearts and our emotions are so closely linked that the colours from our emotional body can be similar or the same to our astral body. We use our astral bodies when we astral project or when we have out of body experiences.

The Etheric Template Body

The etheric template body is linked to our throat chakra. This is the beginning of the stair case going up into the higher realms of consciousness. It links our personality to the collective consciousness of the planet. This can be understood as we are all one - we all come from the same collective energy and that we are God/Goddess experiencing him/herself through us in our wee human experiences.

The etheric template body can seen as a rainbow of 7 circles of light and contains everything that is real and permanent to us. We all have individual spiritual goals and attunements we are reaching for or have attained- these can be seen in this body. Gifts or talents that we have mastered in previous lives can be sealed here and as you are ready these will be made available to you.

The etheric body is about 2 feet from your physical body. It existed long before your physical body and can be your link and key to deep levels of healing.

The Celestial Body

The celestial body holds the essence of your spirit. We receive inspirational and spiritual visions that filter down for us to use and to be grounded into our right now - our lower chakra's and physical reality. It is from here that we receive our divine inspiration, our creative ideas, the visions we may have for a project or where we are shown how to achieve our dreams and goals. It is where we go when we are in the "zone", those that are creative in their work, such as artists or writers will understand this well.

We can reach the celestial body through meditation - particularly when we have been able to quieten our lower energies.

The celestial body links to our third eye chakra and helps us to achieve a level of awareness and connectedness with the universe and those around us. We can feel pure bliss, joy and unconditional love.

The Causal Body

The causal body integrates all of the energetic bodies and the essence of our physical body. All of your spiritual knowledge and a knowing that you are one with the divine. It is the director of all of the other levels so to speak.

The causal body extends up to around 5 feet from the physical body and has the highest vibration of all of the subtle energy bodies.

The causal body links to the crown chakra.

It is thought that the causal body is the part of us that reincarnates. That at the end of each life it holds all of the information from that life and from the other energetic and physical bodies (and all of the information from the other lives you have had) - this being you and it goes with you into your next life.

Many people will use hypnosis to connect with their past lives - it is thought that they make this connection through the causal body.

The 7 Main chakra's of the body

You know how an understanding of your subtle energy bodies and how they all link in together.

Here is a very quick look at your chakra's.

The Base or Root Chakra Muladhara

Located at the base of the spine.

Colour: Red

Element: Earth

This is our connection to the earth, nature and the physical world around us. It is connected to our very basic need for survival. Are our basic needs being meet? Do we have a job? Do we have enough money to pay our rent or mortgage and our other living expenses? Do we have enough food?

Another basic need is feeling safe in our environment. Do you feel safe? or are you in a constant state of fight or flight and feeling scared?

When your root chakra is balance you feel grounded and stable. You look after your physical needs and are ok with and know your place in the world.

This chakra can be unbalanced if you feel ungrounded and spacey, if you are unable to look after your physical needs, if you feel scared and unsafe, or if you feel you have a lack of money.

Crystals: Garnet, hematite, black obsidian, red jasper, black tourmaline, mahogany obsidian, blood stone.

The Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana

Located at the lower abdomen, genitals and womb

Element: water

Colour: Orange

The sacral chakra is linked to our passions and creativity. This creativity can be expressed artistically, academically, physically or in the most beautiful of all creations a child.

The sacral charka is linked to our sexual energy and can be affected by our beliefs around sex and our experiences with intimacy.

It is where we have the desire to nurture ourselves, our creativity and to enjoy the pleasures of life when balanced.

When out of balance an addiction can be a problem as we are constantly trying to feed our desires. You may have feelings of low self esteem, insecurity, depression, fear and a lack of desire. Ladies you may experience reproductive issues and Men you may experience impotency issues. If we are depleted in this chakra we may deprive ourselves of please or deny our desires which can stifle our creativity and passions in life.

Crystals: carnelian, orange calcite, tigers eye, sunstone

The Solar Plexus Manipura

Location: just above the belly button and below the sternum

Element: Fire

Colour: Yellow

The solar plexus is connected with our feelings of self worth and personal power. It is where we understand our place in the world, that we have confidence in ourselves and our abilities. It is where we find the energy and vitality to stay true to ourselves and to trust our instincts (to trust your gut).

When our solar plexus is balanced we are able to accept our responsibilities that are ours and we can have confidence in our actions and our abilities. We are able to function without others approval as we have the courage and strength to be who we are.

If this chakra is unbalanced we can be overly sensitive to what we feel is criticism from others and our inner critic can be chatting away telling all sorts of untruths. We will give our power away to others as we may feel they know better than we do or you may find that others have power over you in many areas of your life.

Crystals: Citrine, carnelian, yellow jasper, amber, pyrite, agate, yellow topaz

The Heart Chakra Anahata

Location: Heart or middle of the chest

Colour: Green or pink

Element: Air

The heart chakra linked to our ability to have self love and love for those around us. It is the bridge between the more physical nature of our being to the spiritual aspects of ourselves.

When balanced we are able to show compassion, empathy and understanding towards others and to ourselves. You are able to give lovingly to others. We can have a sense of inner peace and balance.

If you are finding that you are over giving to others around you and you are feeling depleted yourself it is likely you are out balance in this chakra. You may also find that you are exceptionally empathetic and find it a bit overwhelming - adjusting this chakra can be helpful. Alternatively if you are not giving at all, lack compassion, empathy and love for those around you, your heart chakra is out of balance.

Crystals: Tigers eye, rose Quartz, malachite, rhodochrosite, green calcite, green adventurine, kunzite, moss agate

The Throat Chakra Visuddha

Location: The throat

Element: Sound

Colour: Blue

Our throat chakra is connected to how we are able to communicate and express ourselves to others in life. It is being able to be in a position that you are able to speak your truth with love. We are able to express our needs, wants and feelings to those around us.

If we are out of balance in this chakra we can have difficulty speaking up for ourselves. we may not talk at all or when we do speak it can be with anger. We may find that we are not very good at expressing our emotions or what it is that we need to others. You may find it difficult to listen and understand others around you.

Crystals: Blue lace agate, Aqua marine, sodalite, angelite, lapis lazuli

The Third Eye Chakra Ajna

Location: center of the forehead, just above the eyebrows

Element: Light

Colour: Indigo

Our third eye chakra is our link with our intuition and is our connection to being able to see the spiritual within our physical.

This chakra can become overstimulated with using electronics which can lead to headaches, anxiety and potential depression. You may suffer with nightmares.

It is understandable that you would open up this chakra to do intuitive work, but it is important to make sure you close it again so as not to be ungrounded. If you have doing a lot of intuitive work but your lower chakra's are not balanced you can feel slightly unwell and spacy.

If this chakra is unbalanced you may experience narrow mindedness and fixed thinking. You may feel uncomfortable with things that challenge your to think outside of your normal realms.

Crystals: Amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, labradorite, lapis lazuli

The Crown Chakra Sahasrara

Location: at the top of the head

Element: Thought

Colour: Violet

The crown chakra is linked to our inner knowing, our self realization. It is our connection to the divine, to our spiritual home. It is where our life force energy is able to enter into our bodies. It is then able to flow down into the other chakras and areas of the body. The Meridians help this energy to navigate its way around. If this chakra is balanced you have a strength, energy and vitality to you.

When developed to its full potential, this chakra brings great levels of consciousness and awareness. Meditation and spiritual growth help to develop this chakra.

Crystals: clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, fluorite, moon stone, lepidolite

I hope you have enjoyed.

Much love to you x

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