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The 5 Clair's Series - Clairvoyance

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Clairvoyance is the gift of Clear Seeing. It is the gift that everyone would like to have and develop and is what is most commonly thought of when people think of developing spiritual gifts. So lets look a little deeper into what it is and signs that this could be your gift.

When I first began my spiritual journey I always thought that clairvoyance was the ability to talk with those that had past over and the ability to be able to see the future for a person during a tarot card session. I have come to learn that there is more to see!

Signs of clairvoyance:

  • you may see things move out of the corner of your eye (many times this can be spirit) but when you move to do a double check it is gone.

  • you may see colours around people or animals (also known as aura's, the auric field or a person's energetic field).

  • you may see the attachments, chords or other imbalances in a persons body - for those that do energy healing, reiki healing, crystal healing and other forms of healing it is likely that you may develop this type of sight.

  • you may see pictures when you pick up an item that belongs to someone (also known as psychometry). You may see pictures when you walk into a room and are able to read the energy.

  • you may see pictures or what may appear as a small "movie" of an event - this can be past, present or future. many times this can happen during meditation or if you are having a quiet moment to journal, you are working with your cards, or you are focusing on a pursuit you really enjoy such as art or gardening.

  • you may see forms of spirit or passed over loved ones - this can be at any time, not necessarily if you are using cards and giving a reading.

  • you have dreams that are prophetic

  • you may see any of these with your eyes opened or closed

How you see a picture/vision/movie will be specific for you. You may see these pictures as clear as you do the physical world or you may see them as slightly see through. You may find you have a clearer picture when your eyes are closed and you can focus inward.

I have come to learn over time, that mediumship is the ability to communicate with those that have past over. Being a medium requires a combination of your many spiritual gifts not just the ability to speak with those that have past over.

The Britannica (2022) defines clairvoyance as a person having knowledge of information not necessarily known to any other person, that is not obtained by ordinary channels of perception or reasoning. This is what has lead to the term Extra Sensory Perception also known as ESP. This definition of clairvoyance could be used to define all of the 5 spiritual gifts that we will be looking at.

How can you begin to develop your clairvoyance?

Whether you are new to your spiritual journey or you are a ways down the path you can grow and strengthen your gift.

The most difficult thing you may face is your ability to trust what you are seeing. Trust can grow with time, patience and practice. Trust your connection with spirit and with your spiritual guides. Trust that there is a reason that you are being shown what you are seeing. Talk with your guides (even if you cannot see or feel them they are there and listening), question what you are being shown, ask for proof if you feel you need it. This can be especially important when you are working with those that have past over.

Opening and Closing of your 3rd eye and crown chakra

When you first begin your spiritual journey being open to the spiritual world is really exciting and it is! However it is really important that you do not leave your self open all the time as you can develop overwhelm and anxiety.

When you are doing spiritual work (including meditation) and wanting to use your clairvoyant gift take the time to sit and open your third eye and crown charkas and close them when you have finished. You can do this by envisioning a beautiful purple flower for your crown chakra and either a flower or an actual eye for your 3rd eye.

Be aware that your phone and computer can activate your 3rd eye. If you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed take some time away from these to ground your self and close down y our 3rd eye.

This will allow you to know you do have some control with your gift.

Regular meditation

Meditation does not have to be more than 10 mins daily, particularly when you are first starting. Meditation allows you a chance to quiet your mind and body and connect in with the spiritual realms. You may find that during your meditations you are able to see loved ones that have past over or others. You can use crystals and music to enhance your meditations.

Crystals you may like to consider:

  • Amethyst - Helps you connect with your crow chakra at the top of your head

  • Lapis Lazuli - Can help with opening your third eye chakra, allowing you to see clearly

  • Celestite - Helping you to connect to the angelic realms

  • Sodalite - Helps to strengthen your intuition and links to your third eye chakra

  • Clear Quartz - Clear mind, clear connection and an amplifier of energy

You may like to write down anything that has come through for you during your meditations. This will allow you to check for accuracy and grow trust.

Regular Journal Writing

This is a wonderful way to support your spiritual growth and path. In terms of growing your clairvoyance - when you are writing you may find that pictures and little movies may come to you. This can be spirit helping you with a question you may have or other areas of your life and path. Make sure you write these down and feelings that you get at the time that go with what you have seen. This way you can check for clarity and improve your trust.

Practicing Psychometry

Psychometry is where you are able to hold a piece of jewellery or an object of someone's and you are able to get a "read" of it.

This "read" can come in the form of pictures and colours that you may see, in relation to the person who is currently wearing it or of a previous owner. If the previous owner has past over you may connect with them in the form of mediumship.

Because we wear jewellery for long periods of time, generally, they will store a lot of our energy, including if we have been unwell, struggling or if we are really happy and life is good. When you initially start practicing, make sure it is with jewellery that you know the owner, so you have an idea of what you are getting yourself in for!

Channeling your creative energy

When we are focused on an activity that is creative and we are enjoying, we can channel high spiritual energies. When you channel this energy you may activate your clairvoyant gifts - without necessarily realizing this is what you are doing. Take note of next time you are doing an activity you deeply enjoy and see if you experience times of pictures etc during these times. It can be something as simple as seeing the colour you need for a picture you are drawing or painting.

Work with oracle and tarot cards

Oracle and tarot cards can be used as a tool to allow your clairvoyant gifts to be able to come through. The pictures and symbols that are on them can trigger a deep knowing and ability to see what you need to see for yourself or for the person you are reading for.

I would suggest taking them time to work with one pack, get to know it really well. Learn what the symbols, archetypes and colours mean for you and how they resonate with you. If you are working with Tarot, get a quality book to learn your base meanings for your cards. Have a notebook where you can record each of the readings you have done.


  • Date

  • Question

  • Card layout and answers

  • Any additional insight you got at the time of your reading - including pictures, colours, movies you may have seen etc.

This will allow you to build up your ability to read the cards and help to build your trust in your abilities. I will also suggest that you make sure you make a reading a ritual or special occasion. They are not a party trick and should not be used if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you are able to see colours around people and animals I would suggest that you learn about the body's energy systems, including the auric field and the meridian lines. You may also like to begin learning about the meanings behind the different colours and if that lines up with your experience.

I hope this is a beginning to embracing your clairvoyance and ability to see the world around you with clarity.

I will be running a live event on Facebook from the 25th of July to 28th July @ 7pm till 8pm. I would love to connect with you, support and guide where I can and hold space for you to be able to share your story and experiences.

You can follow the link and sign up here:

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Britannica (2022) Clairvoyance - Psychology Retrieved 6/7/22

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