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The 5 Clair's Series - Clairsentience

Clairsentience is the gift of clear feeling.

This is the spiritual gift that most empaths and those on a spiritual path find overwhelming and why they can become very introverted as being around large amounts of people can be highly uncomfortable for them.

I believe that the way clairsentience works is that we are able to pick up and read the energy around us through our own energy systems. It comes in through our auric field and through our chakras and is processed via our nervous system while our brain is processing and deciphering what the energies mean.

How Clairsentience can present in everyday life:

  • You are able to walk into a room and read it - you can tell how the energy feels, if there have been arguments or if the energy is of a high vibration.

  • You are able to read the energy of people that you close to0

  • You are able to pick up on if they have physical symptoms such as headaches or a sore tummy

  • You can feel if there has been energy thrown at you - this can happen during arguments and it can generally leave you feel quite ill or off balance

  • You can understand what is not said as you can feel the energy of the person

  • You can feel the collective energy and can find you feel completely overwhelmed sometimes with no reason - this may be why

  • You find you have huge empathy and feeling for those you are around or even when you are watching a tv program or movie as you feel what the other person is feeling

  • The News can be overwhelming as you feel everything

  • You may feel completely ok one moment - then walk into an area where there are people or you are around a particular person and you feel angry , sad, upset or different to the energy you originally had.

  • You find particular people draining - you can feel tired and empty like they have taken your light your energy.

  • You are a sucker for a sob story as you feel sorry for people - this can make you at times an easy mark for others

  • You may find that your digestion is affected by the energies and people that you are around

  • You can read the energy off objects and places

  • You can feel when spirit is close to you and you may feel what they have to communicate within your physical body. Many times this can feel overwhelming and make you feel like crying.

  • Because your nervous system is how you process and read this information - it is likely at some stage you have had to cope with anxiety, panic attacks, wanting to isolate, low mood and other nervous system issues.

  • You may have had to change your job or work environment due to being sensitive to the energies around you.

  • You may have used food, drugs or alcohol to block out feeling so deeply

  • You feel relaxed and calmed by animals. You may have a very deep or special relationship with your pet(s).

  • You may have struggled with romantic relationships as you are able to connect so deeply with your partner. There can be times they may not like this or feel it is invasive or you feel overwhelmed with their energy. You may also be drawn to those who need "fixing" and you can play the nurturer.

  • You are likely in a healing profession or a position where you are able to help others.

  • You feel better out in nature - either at the beach or out where there are plenty of grass and trees.

Ways in which you can deepen your clairsentience

I can hear many of you saying - "But why..........?" When you understand how this gift works and you have learned how you can look after yourself it can feel much safer to lean in.

As with all the gifts, developing trust within yourself about what you are feeling and with your spirit guides can help you immensely. They are able to give you guidance on how you can cope with some of the things you are picking up or why you are getting them. It can also be nice to have someone that you can chat to about these things!

  • First and foremost be aware of the energy of where you are consistently placing yourself. You know that you are sensitive so choose wisely where you wish to spend you time.

  • Choose your people wisely as there energy will effect you and vice versa. Ideally you wish to be around others who vibe high and are as positive as possible. This doesn't mean that they dont have life happen to them, but it is how they choose to deal with these hurdles that is important. Your vibe attracts your tribe!

  • Look after your nervous system! Get enough sleep each night so that your body had time to rejuvenate. Eating well, sugary foods will increase anxiety. Stay hydrated! dehydrated cells are stressed cells. Be mindful of what you watch. Nourish your nervous system with herbal tonics and teas. Limit coffee and other caffeinated drinks as these can amp up your adrenal glands and put your nervous system on alert.

  • Reiki Healing and auric field/energetic cleansing. These are so very important for those who are clairsentient. The energies we feel can be stored within our physical and energetic bodies and effect us on a daily basis. These healing modalities are able to help cleanse away energetic debris that you may have collected over many days, months and years. A reiki or energy healer will also be able to preform psychic surgery and remove chords and attachments that you may have others that still allow you to feel them.

  • GROUNDING is very important. It is very easy to disconnect from your physical body when it is all overwhelming so that you dont have to feel. Grounding yourself into your body can help you to make choices that can support healthier situations. It will also help to relieve feelings of anxiety and floatiness.

  • Meditation can help you to connect with your spiritual team, where they can give you guidance. You may find you are able to with archangels or other ascended masters that can give you guidance and help to show you how you can support your auric field and chakras.

  • Get to know your own energy. This is so very important, so that when you are feeling something new you know what is yours and what is not.

  • Exercising outside has the added benefit of the wind and sun being able to cleanse and charge your energy field.

  • Walk with your guides around you

  • "Suit up" with your energetic protection

  • Carry protection crystals or crystals that help transmute s#@t energies. I have found Rose Quartz to be a wonderful transmuter of energies and makes working with and around people much more pleasant. Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Agate and Tigers Eye can be some powerful protectors.

  • Having potted plants in your home helps keep the vibes in your home high. They also provide grounding earth energy and give you something pretty to look at.

  • As you become more aware of your own energy and become comfortable with your energetic field and how you can expand and contract it you will find that your energy is able to transmute and shift lower vibrational energies so you will find you are not as influenced in many types of environments.

  • Ultimately the energy that flows out from you and those that live there is what is infused into the walls. If you are moving into a new home you may find cleansing the walls and ceilings helpful.

So how can you protect your energy and suit up?

The simplest and quickest way is to surround yourself with white light.

You may like to used a protective bubble around yourself. You may like to experiment with different coloured energies, not just white light.

Surround yourself with mirrors can reflect another energy back to them. Warning - most people dont like being on the receiving end of this one.

If you are in a situation where understanding and calming is needed, envision rose quartz energy around you can help.

You may find you resonate with more masculine types of energy such as rings of fire or suits of armor.

Many times I have seen spirit animals with people, during healings, who help to protect and care for their person.

Tips on how you care for the energy in your home

  • Be care of who you invite in the first place ....

  • You can use sage smudge sticks to cleans and shift energies - particularly after disagreements.

  • Music has vibration which flows into your home and shifts energy

  • Clear away clutter. Clutter holds stagnant energy.

  • Keeping up with daily chores can help to keep the flow of energy high in your home.

  • Your home can be seen as an extension of yourself and where you are at mentally and physically.

  • Use salt lamps to bring in a warming element to your home.

  • Incense can help to clear energies.

  • Make sure any crystals that you have in your home are regularly cleansed as they will hold the energy of the home

  • Place Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz or another crystal you may feel guided to use in each for corners of your property to create an area of protection around your home.

  • Amethyst or rose quartz can be place in the corners of bedrooms to promote calm, rest and sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed The 5 Clair's Series, These are only beginning of your journey but I hope it has you feeling excited to move forward with the growth of your spiritual gifts.

Much Love

Karlee x

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