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The 5 Clair's Series - Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the gift of clear knowing. You may not be sure how you know a particular truth about a situation or person - you just do.

Claircognizance could also be defined as your intuition.

It is thought that this gift works by you having a connection with your higher self or with spirit which allows you to bring through the information that you need. Most often you are able to do this without realizing that you are doing it which can be why you know but dont always know how you know until you are able to consciously do this.

How can Claircognizance appear in your everyday life?

This spiritual gift can appear quite subtilty

  • You are able to give good advice, that is accurate and supportive for your friend or the person who has asked you for your thoughts

  • You find you have inspiration or creative thoughts that come out of nowhere

  • You may find you look at a problem and just KNOW the way to work it out

  • You wake with ideas and thoughts that you must write down

Ways in which you can deepen your intuition & Claircognizance

As with your other spiritual gifts, developing a relationship of trust between yourself and spirit is important. If you are unsure of any information you are given, question it and ask for proof or reassurance.

If this is a gift that you would like to develop more you can ask your spirit guides to help open you up to your claircognizant abilities. They will help to guide you to books, podcasts and people that will be able to help you.

  • When you receive a thought or idea write it down or act on it. Give your thanks to spirit for their support.

  • Take note of how often this happens to you. Often times awareness helps with growth.

  • Meditation 10mins daily - this will allow you to quieten your mind, reduce any feelings of overwhelm and let you listen. If you have had a question or a situation that you have been pondering on, after meditating you may find that you just know what to do for the situation.

  • Journal writing can help to increase your claircognizance. When you have some quiet time put a question to spirit and sit quietly and see if you have a knowing of what you need to do or it comes through as a knowing about the answer for the question. Many times what comes through is quite quick and can take practice to take note of what is coming through for you. Many times this is how automatic writing happens and can come through as a channeled knowing.

  • Open your third eye and crown chakras when meditating or journal writing - this will allow your intuition to flow much easier. When you have finished make sure you close down so you are not overwhelmed.

  • Learn to trust your intuition. How many times have you thought "if only I had listened to that" and something not very good has unfolded?

  • As with clairaudience, exercise can allow you to receive some of your best ideas! This is especially true if you are exercising out in nature as this allows you to have a deeper connection to the spiritual realms.

  • There are many crystals that can help increase your sense of claircognizance. Clear quartz is a master crystal and has the properties of helping with clear thought. Amethyst helps to increase intuition and is linked to your third eye chakra. Sodalite is a dark blue crystal that has white streaks throughout it. It can help you open to new ideas and thoughts. It can also help to calm an overactive mind. Citrine is a yellow/orange crystal that has high vibration energy within it which can help you to unlock your intuition. It is also linked to your solar plexus chakra which can connect to our sense of self worth and abilities. If you feel you may not be worry this crystal can be beneficial.

  • Much of claircognizance is processed mentally and those that are more intellectual may find it much easier to process the information quicker.

  • Those born under Gemini, Libra and Aquarius may naturally find this gift is one they use often. Air signs are linked to thoughts and ideas. They are mentally agile and find processing thoughts quickly easy.

I hope this helps you to begin embracing your claircognizance and your ability to deepen your intuition and deep sense of knowing. You have access to the answers that you need.

I will be running a live event on Facebook from the 25th of July to 28th July @ 7pm till 8pm. I would love to connect with you, support and guide where I can and hold space for you to be able to share your story and experiences.

You can follow the link and sign up here:

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