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The 5 Clair's series - Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the gift of clear hearing. It is the ability to hear voices and sounds that are not of the physical realm.

(Note: At no point should, these voices tell you to do anything that is dangerous or harmful to yourself or others. They should in no way leave you feeling paranoid or unsafe. If you are hearing voices that leave you feeling this way you should see your health care practitioner)

This gift is where you may hear spirit speak to you. You may find that you have a more dominant side that you hear on. This may coincide with which side your spirit guides sit on, you may have a guide that you are more connected to or that they are your more dominant guide so you hear them more on the side that they sit on.

Signs of Clairaudience:

  • You may hear guidance

  • You may hear directions

  • You may hear a warning

  • You may hear music - this could be angelic type music or music that relates to a certain person or situation

  • You have experienced ringing in your ears that has no medical basis

  • On occasion you may have sworn you heard someone calling you, but you turn around and find no one is there.

  • You are sensitive to noise and sounds

  • You find music soothing

  • You may learn by listening to podcasts, audiobooks or to your tutors in class

You may find initially it is easier to close your eyes to tune in so you can clearly hear what is being said to you, particularly if there is a lot of other noise around you.

Personally, I have found I am quite clairaudient in how I learn and being sensitive to noise. I can take notes while I listen to what is being said by the tutor - this certainly came in handy when I was doing my herbal studies!

The most memorable experience I had where clairaudience was so loud I could not ignore it was while I was driving. I had stopped at a set of lights and I hear a loud authoritive voice say "STOP" and my whole body was calm and slightly heavy. Off to the left of me was a young man on a bike - when the light changed he shot out on to the road. If I had not listened to that voice I would of hit him.

How can you begin to develop your Clairaudient abilities

As with clairvoyancy and any of your other spiritual gifts, developing a sense of trust within yourself and with spirit about what you are receiving is a very important part of developing you clairaudient abilities.

  • The world can be very busy and noisy. This can cause a sense of overwhelm for those who are clairaudient, which can lead you to shut down or close off from the world. Put some time aside for yourself where you are able to unwind and have some quiet time. This will allow you the ability to hear spirit if this is a way that they communicate with you.

  • Be careful of what you listen to. This includes conversations, arguments, the news, tv programs and movies along with different types of music. These energies and vibrations can affect your hearing.

  • Have boundaries around what you will tolerate in the form of criticism and verbal abuse - this also includes self talk. All words have a vibration when they are said and this can affect your ear chakras and what you hearing.

  • Young children oftentimes can have ear aches or sore ears when they have been yelled at or are around arguments and they are not liking what they are hearing.

  • Singing bowls are a great way to clear energy within a room but they also resonate at certain frequencies that can help with clairaudience.

  • When you have ringing in your ears this can be spirit trying to communicate with you. There frequency is a lot higher than ours, which is what can be part of the ringing. Take the time to close your eyes and connect to them. Ask them to help you lift your energy so that you can hear what they are trying to say to you. If the time is inconvenient say this to them and ask them to come back at another time.

  • Ringing in the ears can also happen as you are levelling up or walking further along your spiritual path. You are adjusting to resonating at a higher frequency.

  • Address your journal writing to spirit. Have a conversation with them. This can allow for open communication. It is likely that they will communicate with one word or short sentences.

  • Chanting and saying reaffirming mantras can help with opening up your clairaudient channels.

  • Meditation can help you to quiet your mind so that you can listen.

  • When you are working with your Tarot or oracle cards you may hear words or sentences that apply to you or the person you are reading for.

  • Exercise helps to increase your oxygen supply which actually makes it easer for spirit to connect with you, you may find that during these times you are able to hear them.

You may find just being aware that you use auditory ways of communicating allows you to utilize this gift more. Such as listening to pod casts while you are driving or dong other bits. I have found this a great way to start the day - particularly if it is a pod cast that is upbeat and positive in nature.

I hope this is the beginning to you embracing your clairaudience and your ability to hear the world in beautiful sounds.

I will be running a live event on Facebook from the 25th of July to 28th July @ 7pm till 8pm. I would love to connect with you, support and guide where I can and hold space for you to be able to share your story and experiences.

You can follow the link and sign up here:

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