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Reiki Healing & Sleep

Sleep is one of the those bodily functions that is highly under rated until you aren't getting enough of it.

Many of us will sacrifice sleep to get the things on our to do list finished for the day but we dont always think of the cost to ourselves and to those around us.

Sleep deprivation can contribute to:

  • irritation

  • poor concentration

  • poor memory

  • poor food choices and fluctuating blood sugar levels

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • inflammation and pain in the body

  • headaches

  • low energy

  • lack of motivation

None of these are fun and they can make living our best life difficult.

There are many reasons that can contribute to why it can be difficult to sleep.

The most common one is feeling stressed or overwhelmed from the day and not being able to calm your mind and body down so that you feel ready for sleep.

If the cause of your daily stress is one that cannot be changed or putting extra supports in place does not change your feelings of stress this can then lead to long term effects on your sleep.

So how can Reiki healing sessions help you and your sleep?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is channeled through the healer to you. This is life force energy that comes through from the universal light source.

  • When you get up on the reiki table you know that this is time that you have put aside for you. You know that you are allowed to relax and let go during this time.

  • You can become aware of your breathing. So often, we can be shallow breathing when we are anxious or stressed. Deep breathing from the abdomen can help you to feel calm.

  • You can remember what your body feels like when it is relaxed. This can make it easier to replicate at home when you are in bed and unwinding from your day.

  • When we are stressed we can disassociate from our bodies. A healing session will help to bring you back into your body, allow you to feel grounded and calm. This can make coping with life stresses much easier and in turn make falling asleep much easier.

  • Reiki healing can help activate your para-sympathetic nervous system (PSNS). This allows the body to relax. It governs sleeping, digesting, repairing and resting.

  • Activating the PSNS can allow your body to initiate its own natural healing response.

  • The intuitive and spiritual side of a healing session can be hugely beneficial. For those that are energy sensitive - having excess debris cleared can allow you to feel yourself again. Many times have chakras balanced and chords or attachments removed can be hugely helpful.

  • Reiki healing can allow you to feel that you have some control over how you are coping with your health, empowering you to look after yourself.

  • Reiki healing can help to provide you with mental clarity. This can allow you to make decisions in your life that support you. This can provide relief from overwhelm, helping you to sleep better.

  • It is said that having a 1 hr of reiki healing is equal to having 4hrs worth of sleep.

You can have reiki sessions as often as you feel you need them. Generally every 2 to 4 weeks is recommended. The reiki energy will stay with you for 1 to 2 weeks, helping to align your system.

It can take several reiki sessions to work through the layers of things if you are coping with a lot. You will not process more than what you can handle at any given session, so allowing yourself time and patience is important for your healing journey.

As a Herbalist, Spirit will use this and work with me, showing me herbs that will relate to that person. Many time I will be shown a herb that is specific for adrenals or the nervous system when sleep is a problem for you. If you would like to know a bit more about adrenal and nervous system herbs there is a post below.

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