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Motherwort - nourishing a giving heart

Motherwort is the herb that I have always thought of as one that nourishes a heart that loves and gives so much.

This can be for busy mumma's or for those that are the nurturers and healers around us.

So let's take a deeper look at Motherwort!

Motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca) has a slight bitter taste when ingested. It has an affinity for the heart & circulatory system, the nervous system and the female reproductive system. Motherwort is a cooling herb that helps the body to feel relaxed, calm and helping to restore balance.

Motherwort can help to improve the tone and functioning of the heart, also known as a cardiotonic. Motherwort is very much indicated for women who are experiencing heart palpitations. This may be due to a thyroid that is over-working (hyperthyroidism) or due to excess stress and anxiety. Stress, particularly long term stress can be implicated in hypertension. Motherwort can have a relaxing effect on the blood vessels which may help with reducing blood pressure that is stress related.

Women who are perimenopausal who are experiencing heart palpitations are also indicated here.

When women are irritable and stressed this can affect how their cycle. If there is congestion within the uterus (this can be felt as heat) motherwort has a cooling effect here and helps with stimulating movement to alleviate the congestion. Congestion can be felt as heaviness that may feel achy. It can also be seen as painful, difficult periods or delayed or scant periods.

Some women experience edema during their cycle and motherwort can help to support the kidneys and stimulate flow and release of the oedema, particularly swelling of the legs, ankles and feet that women can experience during this time.

Motherwort can help with tonifying the uterus - this can be of value after pregnancy as it can help with reducing bleeding and afterbirth contractions.

The cooling and restoring energetics of motherwort may help to support menopausal women when they are experiencing hot flashes and night sweats.

Motherwort helps to relax the nervous system which accounts for its calming and restorative qualities. This can be everyday stress and anxiety or premenstrual tension.

Motherwort is a herb that aligns with the heart chakra. You may like to use this herb when you are doing inner emotional healing and working with your inner child. Because of its affinity with both the heart and the reproductive organs it is a herb that you can use when you are working through emotions and relationships that are connected to both your heart and your feminine energies.

Due to the bitter taste of Motherwort it would be an herb that would be easier to ingest in tincture form, as opposed to an herb infusion or decoction. Motherwort will also be available in tablet or capsule forms. The energetics of the herb can be more deeply felt when taken in liquid form.

1:2 strength - 2-3 ml daily

CONTRA INDICATION: Motherwort should not be taken by pregnant women.


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