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Energetically Overwhelmed

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Being energetically sensitive or an empath can at times feel overwhelming as we can take on the energies in our environments and from the people that we are around - many times without being aware that we are doing so.

This isn't so much of a problem if the environment and people you are around are in a positive loving energy as this is what you will feel.

If however you have walked into a room after there has been an argument you may feel the residual energy of this. If you have been around someone who is angry or sad you may also feel this. Many times it can be hard to decipher what is your emotions and feelings and what you have picked up from others or from somewhere you have been.

Having a constant influx of energies can leave an empath feeling exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained, some may suffer with anxiety or depression and in many cases they may exhibit physical symptoms such as headaches and insomnia. Understandably we want to feel better and many times an empath will self medicate with food, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to help numb the feelings of overwhelm.

This can make empaths and energy sensitive people naturally introverted people. Big crowds, going to the mall or even the supermarket can leave them feeling slightly frazzled. They may also find that they enjoy people but in small doses and need time to themselves to feel balanced again.

When I was a young empath I found that the constant flux of energies would be overwhelming and exhausting. I would find I was anxious a lot and had many ups and down with mood not realizing that much of what I felt wasn't actually my own. I was guided to books that helped me to understand that empathy was a bit of an occupational hazard for spiritual being having a human experience. I found that meditation helped me to connect with my spirit guides who would give me guidance as well.

There is much that you can do help you with picking up on the energies around you.

  1. Honor your sensitivity.

  2. Become aware of your own emotions. This will make it much easier to understand what emotions and feelings are yours and what are other peoples. Meditation can be helpful in this process.

  3. You can choose which people and environments you are around. Choose to be around like minded people who uplift you and support you.

  4. Look after your nervous system. It is through our nervous systems that we are able to pick up on these energies. If our nervous systems are not balanced then we will not get an accurate read on what we are picking up.

    • Create a bedtime routine that supports relaxation and sleep.

    • Take time to journal

    • A quality B vitamin complex will help to keep the nervous system calm and providing co factors for neuro transmitter that can support your mood and sleep.

    • A blend of adaptogen and nervine herbs can help to nourish your nervous system and support your body's response to stress. This can help to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and anxiety.

    • Magnesium is a mineral that the nervous system needs to help it relax and feel calm.

    • Caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety and rev up your nervous system. Ideally any caffeine should be had before midday so as not impair sleep.

5. Learn energetic cleansing techniques - doing these at least weekly can help you to feel lighter, aligned and balanced.

6. Learn energy protection techniques - these are particularly helpful when you go into a supermarket, shopping mall or social gatherings.

7. Cleanse the energy in your home regularly

8. Crystals can be wonderful ally to the empath. They can be worn as jewellery, carried in a small bag, sit on your desk top at work or in your car. If you are new to crystals, learn about a particular crystal every few weeks. Work with that crystal, carry it with you, let it teach you. Additionally, there are many good crystal books available and websites.

Being an energy sensitive empath can be a wonderful gift, Beautiful Soul.

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